Recently, some friends I did not response dual-currency credit card, so I can not buy Linode VPS. How to do it? We decided to give this site a long provided a convenient, purchasing Linode VPS. […]

How to choose the VPS host?

When looking for a VPS host what should pay attention to? Price – cheapest VPS hosting is not necessarily the best. You do not want your VPS hosting providers rely on very low thin profit […]

DigitalOcean Vultr and currently is second best VPS providers in the world today, there are two names were competing fiercely to have the participation of the YouTube Partner USA amphibious buy VPS for participation Make […]

Vultr this cloud VPS provider, two years of high visibility, its VPS hosting is also very popular. Currently, Vultr data centers have very much, but Vultr also intends to add a new data center, and […]

Minecraft server CentOS 6 x 64 to I install you. This document the shortly high performance SSD VPS of Vultr on the Minecraft server the starting for theinstallation and setup of the process . Requirements […]

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